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Brake and Clutch Controls

Brake and clutch pedal and related parts diagram for Ford 8N Tractors.  1947-1952.
Ford 1948-1953 Clutch and Brake Pedals
Ref #
Ford Part Number
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Part Name
Cover (brake camshaft hole)
Camshaft (brake actuating)-RH
2247 8N2247
Camshaft (brake actuating)-LH
2315 8N2315, NAA2315A
Lever (brake camshaft)-LH
2322 8N2322
Spring (brake camshaft hole cover)
2324 8N2324
Arm (brake pawl)-RH
2455 8N2455
Pedal (brake)-RH
2456 8N2456A
Pedal (brake)-LH
2465 8N2465
Rod Assy. (brake)
2516 8N2516
Shaft (brake pedal cross)
2782 NAA2782A
Lever (parking brake)
2786 8N2786
Pawl (brake)
2796 8N2796, NAA2796A
Sector (brake pawl)
7508 8N7508A, 8N7508B
Bushing (clutch pedal)
7510 B7510A2
Shaft (clutch release)
7511 8N7511B
Arm (clutch release shaft)
7515 487515
Fork (clutch release shaft)
7519 NAA7519B
Pedal Assy. (clutch)
7533 8N7533
Pin (clutch release shaft arm)
22785 NAA22785A
Pawl assy. (parking brake lever)
20894-S 20894S
Bolt (brake arm)
21441-S 21441S
Hex head bolt
33925-S 33925S
Hex nut
34808-S 34808S
352581-S 352581S
Pin (clutch release arm to shaft)
355584-S 355584S
Eyebolt (clutch pedal assy. to clutch release shift pin)
72009-S 72009S
Cotter pin
72035-S 72035S
Cotter pin-1/8"x1"
72255-S 72255S
Groove pin
73919-S 73919S8
Clevis pin
73941-S 73941S
Clevis pin (clutch release arm to eyebolt)
73951-S 73951S8
Clevis pin
74156-S 74156S
Woodruff key
Fitting (clutch pedal)
97013-S 97013S
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